On Aryllia's Earth

As a number of you are aware, the culture of this Aryllian campaign is very different from that of the traditional Dungeons and Dragons setting. It is a much more it is much more in line with the worlds and cultures of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americans, East Asia, and various others, because I was A.) sick to death of Eurocentric fantasy, and B.) wanted to try and create a world very unlike our own. There are other reasons, such as that I am sincerely interested in said cultures/worlds, but I don’t know, at this time, quite how to put them into words. Anyway, I wanted to mention, on this page, some of the differences between our Earth/traditional DnD setting and the land of Aryllia.

There is no wheat in Aryllia or any of the surrounding lands. There are a number of other crops missing, primarily those traditionally found in Europe. As you travel through the campaign world, you’ll get a picture of what crops are present, and which are not.

There are no cows or pigs, as we think of them, in Aryllia, nor on the Eastern continent as a whole. There are again, a number of other animals that are not present on the landmass, and also again, which are where and what is missing will become more apparent as the campaign continues.
There are horses. Again, the campaign will come to show the value or insignificance of horses in the land of Aryllia, and all the other lands.

Depending the region, transport varies from canoes to junks to dogsled teams to horse-drawn carriages to a whole host of other things. Thy shall see, mine friends, thine shall see.

[This section is undergoing some editing/renovation as I try and figure out what would be best to put here. For now know this]
A.)Neutral pronouns are used not just for gender-neutral people, and people who prefer GN-pronouns, but also when the addresser does not know the addressee.
B.) The concepts of non-binary gender, whether it be neutrality, fluidity, or any other gender that falls outside the binary are generally discussed as “essence.” For example, a genderfluid character; “A liquid duality of your essence.”

That’s it for now folks. I’ll try and come up with the pronouns soon. The rest you’ll just encounter along the way as you travel through this world, and experience its sights, sounds, and tastes.

On Aryllia's Earth

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