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Hi there Friends, Welcome and all that tosh.

This is a link to the wiki, where most/all the campaign world info is. And this is link to the campaign’s Adventure Log, where I’ve summed up the events so far, and will continue to update as the campaign progresses.

I’ll be using this page for scheduling, and probably other stuff at some point.
Just a note: If you guys have requests for items or events, or ideas for your characters, or anything like that, send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you about it.

Oh and for sessions, come prepared, meaning:
- Pencil, paper, eraser, etc.
- Character sheet (if you have lost yours, talk/tell me)
- Dice (if you have them)
- Having taken a shower within the past few days (hours if you exercise directly before the session), and/or (preferably and) deodorant.
- Regarding other personal hygiene: just remember that you’re gonna be in close proximity with other folks for several hours, and adjust/maintain accordingly

Home Page

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