A Recap, Refresher, a Reminder

Where the Campaign Stands So Far

Let me start this off by apologizing for the time between campaign sessions. I’m working on it, I really am.

Next: The Satus of the Party

Selina, Corra, Sam, and Nordin: You have been traveling north towards the digsite, and the trip has been bitterly cold. Peritus has hired you to investigate why his friend, Petra, has stopped responding to Peritus’s letters.

The first night that you were upon the road, Selina encountered a humanoid figure, who told her “a war was coming.” Also, she pulled shadow’s from the Southerner, saying that “Wee-Jas shall bother you no more.” Since this, the shadows, characteristic of Nerull, have not appeared again, although not much time has passed since the encounter.

This past day, the temperature plunged, changing from chilly to bone-chilling. As you may well remember, Selina nearly froze to death, and the party deviated down a side road to look for shelter. You found some, in the form of the Regional Occupational Police Force Field Shelter, an Elven military station. They have taken you in for the night, and that is where you stand…



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